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tarot  &  reiki

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I am a Level III Reiki practitioner and I also read the Tarot as a mode of healing.

My approach to spirit and soul work is rooted in my politics: it creates movement out of the notion that our individual, familial, and societally-inflicted wounds need urgent tending — and that this nurturance is imperative on the road of resistance to systemic violence and injustice. In the structures we live in, when Black, Indigenous, and people of color breathe deeply, these are acts of pure magic; joy and even the presence enough to grieve become mysteries, wonders within a climate of chronic terror and material destruction. 


My intention is to uplift others in finding a mirror for their intuitive knowing, in giving shape to their inherited and/or invisibilized mechanisms of being and feeling, and in honing their unique vibration so they can orient themselves to their highest incarnation in this lifetime. I arrived here because of my own suffering as what I call a shadow person, someone endlessly navigating liminality and erasure and estrangement. I found a sense of integrity in coming to trust what I perceived about the world — its love, its tricks, its infiniteness — and about my fragmented self in it. I believe the cards and our bodies hold rich information about what we need to heal as well as how we can receive that nectar of regeneration.


To book a reading or reiki, please visit my contact page.

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