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Hi, I'm Chaya ~ thank you for visiting my site!

I write, teach, perform, do healing arts, and more. Writing is at the center of my practice, with my journalistic and literary work covering a range of themes from cities and public space, systems of power, and the culture and consciousness of displacement, to desire, foolishness, myth, and shadows. Check out my portfolio page to read a thing if you like!

I've made a lot of stops on my creative journey — media strategy, fashion illustration and style blogs, staff reporting roles, community organizing, an MFA after years as a journalist, teaching magical realism to sixth graders, visual art in a gallery exhibit — and today I find myself within quieter days as I learn my own silenced internal rhythms and work on revision of my first book. Cataclysm in Repose is a memoir about the intergenerational trauma of exile and the impossibility of return post diaspora.


Other critical info: I love lavender masala chai, '90s R&B, campfires among other fires, and a carefully curated outfit.

I recently relocated from Brooklyn to Santa Fe, where I'm taking in the scent of piñon and the mountains, while of course learning how to be on my cowgirl shit. Find me here ❀

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